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I am a procreator. At my centre I beget and conceive, incubate and nurture. It is already a being, alive, animated and complete. It's all mine until it is delivered for the world to see. It was always complete within me and letting it go is always painful. my drug is the creative lift. It is an express elevator into orbit. No less. Perhaps even more. I ride it everyday. And I am an addict. Self declared perpetual junkie that seeks out, even hunts for the high. I like the flavour of a beautiful Bordeaux but the high I receive from the act of creation takes me higher and keeps me there. The closest you can be to the creator is through the pure process of creation, Allowing yourself to free float out of your being, somewhere, everywhere. The philosophy of the studio is the way in which we feel and interact every day. At its core it is a studio that is a creative laboratory. We are adventurers, discoverers and rambunctious playmates. This joy and calm comes through the lines we draft, the dreams that we weave and the zeal with which we stake our claim to reality - the finished project.
GRCA is a young firm headed by Gaurav Roy Choudhury, with experience in architecture, interior design, graphic design, urban design and housing projects, mainly in and around Bangalore. Its main aim has always been to articulate the various movements that assimilate context, taking the project brief from the “said” to the “unsaid”. GRCA strives to absorb all domains of influence and exposure, with the hopes of redefining honest architecture through a process of re-invention and storytelling. Its path lies in the understood, and its eyes on the unexplored.
Gayathri and Namith Architects was set up in 1993 in Bangalore and has since been positioned as an av ante garde architectural firm in India. Their design sensibilities and aesthetics which are very close to nature, have a traditional cultural reference yet are contemporary in presentation. They believe in working closely with the clients' involvement at every stage to realize their design dream. Even the whole team has a phenomenal level of involvement at every design stage. An open office culture, where a project design is thrown open to an inhouse jury , where every member of the team is invited to evaluate and question the design decisions. GNA is adventurous in its approach be it selection of project, materials, approach to design or any other aspect and like to keep up a continuous experimentation. This has not only given GNA an edge over the competition , they are recipients of a host of the most prestigious national and international awards.
GDK Designs On graduating in the first quarter of the '90s Girish Dariyav Karnawat soon realized the limitations of architectural education in preparing an individual to take a design beyond the drawing board and through the other half that constitutes project execution: dealing with the numerous other participants involved, running a project and building it on site. The coming decade was to bring upon GDK the 'real' training. Though working with various architects in Ahmedabad and Zurich in the first half of the decade brought him valuable experience, it is the second half of the decade that would prove to be a critical period of transition. An attempt at setting up office in Ahmedabad in the third quarter of the decade met with severely discouraging results. In 2001 he moved base to Mumbai to set up ATELIER GDK: a unique one-man architectural practice that would be his primary medium for addressing concerns of tradition, creativity, intention, contextuality, education and industry. In almost two decades since GDK's graduation a lot many tools - hard and soft - have flooded the processes of conceiving and realizing buildings. However, we are left wanting in how far the discipline of architecture has progressed in its education and in the industry which materializes it. It is noticeable from a random pick of projects and cities that as architects our homes are yet to celebrate the mundane and our urbanities are yet to accommodate the humane. Architecture, in a misplaced sense of identity, is made to compete with a myopic form of 'media'. Sensational imagery is the currency which has displaced the sensorial, the tactile, the serene and even the cultural and climatic appropriateness from buildings.
H P Lakhani Associates, Our firm, H P Lakhani Associates, founded by our Principal Designer Haresh P Lakhani came into being, about two decades ago in 1994 in Hyderabad. He graduated from Mumbai and studied Design at the LS Raheja College of Architecture, Mumbai. His work repertoire includes many successfully executed Interior designing & architectural projects in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and the USA engaging in wide-ranging projects from gated communities, apartment complexes and individual residences to hospitality, commercial and retail spaces and hospitals. A self-taught Architect with an experience spanning over 20 years in the field of Architecture, Interior Designing and Consultations, He has to his credit many accolades and awards and has been amply recognized for his distinctive work. A highly analytical and strategic approach is our core philosophy. We create environments that satisfy the diverse needs of our clients and this covers functional and financial aspects, aesthetic and emotional quotients, elegant and bold themes and immediate and strategic applications. When showcasing our brand image, all our projects demonstrate the H P Lakhani Associates touch. Our evocative designs, our intuitive design presence, fine-tuned and customized solutions, coupled with synergized approaches, applying age-old design principles to present-day innovations, optimized spaces, spatial development, achieving perfect amalgamations of contemporary and traditional designs, minimalistic and simplistic design elements, adapting newer textures and finishes, initiating changing heights and forms and evoking a sense of drama when managing natural light flow and shadows, eliminating hard and fast lines between the interiors and exteriors thus giving the feel of a perfect synchronization of architecture, landscape, interiors as one organic structure. In our work, we are ably assisted by an experienced and qualified team of architects, consultants, engineers and interior designers. As a team we constantly endeavour to learn and adapt to newer uses and applications of natural materials, recycled materials, thus offering sustainable, cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of design, work and materials. .
jayesh shah architects Functionality is the core success key of Jayesh shah Architects,an eponymous firm setup in 1994,simply because jayesh shah believes there’s more to than build castles in the air.A bachelors degree in architecture and a Masters degree in architecture from the university of Oklahoma,Usa;followed by a two yea stint at M/s talati & Panthaky Associated PVT Ltd, equipped him eith the skills needed to run a full-fledged architecture and interior design practice. After successfully executing numerous well received projects on a scale of less than a thousand to over a lakh sq.ft,functionally remains your focus.We have been designing spaces across india and abroad for over 13yrs.Our diverse portfolio seamlessly spans architectural and interior projects in the corporate,retail,residential,hospitality and other segments.McDonalds,Reliance,pepe jeans are a few of our very satisfied international clients. Over the years our exposure to international systems and standards and our collaboration with clients,consultants,contractors and suppliers has enhanced our knowledge base and consequently our proficiency.Factoring the budget and the time available into the equation has helped us evolve design solutions that are as space-efficient as they are aesthetic.
Kamat and rozario Our work is an expression of our beliefs.Unchartered paths excite us.We react instinctively to a design problem. There is no formula and we don’t have a style.We debate and argue galore. But at the end of a sore argument usually emerges a great idea.Nothing surpasses that moment in a process when a beautiful idea is born. Not even chocolate cake.We love chocolate cake.Process in design is of paramount importance – even if it means we ended up exactly where we started.We believe in strong ideas. Ideas that are native to their context. They automatically become unique!We believe that originality is a byproduct of integrity.We love this planet. We believe that being green means being receptive to the climate and to available materials.We believe that light is also a material.We don’t hire people we can’t be friends with.We remain true to our clients and to the contractors we work with. We like to keep it simple.
KdnD Studio LLP as the name suggest is a JV between Kapadia Associates Pvt. Ltd., and ADND. The company handles commercial projects like show flats, show galleries, retail and corporate offices. The company is organized around the leadership of a Kiran Kapadia, Shobhan Kothari and Anand Menon (all Partners of KdnD studio LLP). Kiran Kapadia and Shobhan Kothari or Anand Menon will remain involved in all aspects of the project from initial stages of planning, attending client meeting and making all major decisions. Each project is executed by a team of architects/interior designers and engineers who remain with the project from beginning to end.
The desire to create something that people can touch, feel, and in which they can participate”... In that desire is the beginning. And in the realization of that desire is Architecture. Architecture that excites stimulates and engages. Architecture that evokes reaction and contemplation. Architecture that takes you in. At ‘Keystone’, architecture is personal. It’s our language. It’s our story, beginning with an amateur chapter…a sudden foray into design, a slow yet definitive refinement being part of each succeeding one, constantly evolving, constantly changing. It’s architecture that’s born out of passion and inspiration. A thought, a sketch, a picture, a simple word or phrase – a concept, and its translation into built form. Architecture that is alive: When a living space opens out onto the green, when spaces – rooms and corridors suddenly bring into them the life of a tree or the peaceful stillness of water, where daylight spills into spaces and plays on surfaces, when walls left exposed change with the rhythm of the seasons, sometimes in moss covered stone, sometimes richly colored with earth- then there is beauty and delight. There is a flow of energy and an unmistakable dynamism in architecture - in the relationships between the habitat and the inhabitant, built space and un-built space, built form and the environment. We believe in simplicity and clarity in architecture, more importantly in designs that work - both aesthetically and functionally. There are challenges that lie in numerous constraints, but largeness of vision is what helps us create generous architecture within that. We at ‘Keystone’ thrive on those challenges. We believe in our responsibility to take clients to the realms of possibility in design, to dream just a little bit more, to expect of us, and meet more than their expectations.
Kham Design Kham Design was established in 1998 an Architectural & Design Service firm dealing with the theater of space. The firm is an endeavor to explore the ever-changing concepts of space. Space is a simple word, but has many meanings and multiple dimensions. The venture was found on a basis to understand and explore the nuances of architectural theory and design. This exploration of multiplicity leads Kham Design to projects in the field of Architecture, Interiors and Product Design. Over the years, Kham's ideology has grown to include ecology and sustainable practices. And we believe that it is possible to make this meaningful difference through Design in all our projects. The office, located on Krishna Rajendra Road in Bangalore, has a well qualified design and engineering team. The firm has also been associating with reputed consultants across different fields, for successful project completions.
Khosla Associates, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Bangalore India, was established by Sandeep Khosla in 1995. The firm headed by Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand create a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to retail and hospitality spaces. They have in the past 15 years of practice won 16 National Awards including the Inside Outside Designer of the Year Award, 2010. They were the ‘Education’ Category winner at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2013 in Singapore and have recently won the Commendation Award for the Best Public/Institutional Project for Delhi Public Kindergarten School at Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture and Design. Khosla Associate’s distinct style of tropical residential architecture uses local materials and concepts, but reinterprets them with a unique and contemporary design sensibility. The firm’s interest in global/local trends in fashion, lifestyle and design is reflected in their varied palette of bar, restaurant and hotel projects across India. Their clients range from individual home owners to companies such as Biocon, the Park hotels, Nike, MTV and Hard Rock Café to educational institutions like Delhi Public School and the Doon School. The work of Khosla Associates is featured regularly in important Architectural and Interior publications from around the world.
KNS Architects Private Limited’ is a multi-disciplinary and international award winning Architecture and Interior design firm based in Mumbai. The Company was formed in 1997 by Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Neemesh Shah and Ar. Shresht Kashyap and since its inception the Company has successfully designed and executed several projects across India. Over the years, KNS Architects has carved out a niche for itself in the high end design market and is known to deliver out of the box designs and solutions. Our diverse portfolio includes Master planning, malls, hotels, residential and commercial buildings, bungalows, second home schemes, high end apartments, commercial interiors, restaurants, clubhouses, showrooms etc. Innovative designs, adaptability to various styles, on-time delivery and cost-effective methods lend a cutting edge to KNS Architects. With a team of young and dynamic architects and designers, the Company’s vision is to merge its strengths with the Clients aspirations to achieve great heights of excellence. The firms projects have been featured in numerous National and International Magazines as well as coffee table books such as 50 Luxurious Apartments in India, 50 Beautiful Houses, 50 Corporate Offices India and Commercial Design Magazine as 50 Most Influential Designers in India to name a few.
Kumar-moorthy & Associates Established in 1990, Kumar Moorthy & Associates is an award winning partnership firm of architects and interior designers based in Delhi. In the twenty one years since inception we have undertaken and successfully completed a wide range of design works in the diverse fields of : • Residential design and interiors, • Institutional design • Hotel design • Commercial and office spaces and interiors. The clients for the above include notable industrial groups, private limited companies, charitable and non government organisations, government agencies and eminent public figures other than private individuals. The projects have been executed in the diverse locations of Delhi including Noida, Greater Noida & Gurgaon, Agra, Mumbai, Indore (M.P.) and Kullu (H.P).
L.A.B. (Language. Architecture. Body) is a laboratory for crafting Architecture. Projects are navigated with poetic sensibility, scientific rigour and human purpose. The Architecture studio took seed in Mumbai in late 2010. In three intense years, it has grown into a vibrant practice of 14 bright Architects. The team works through design strategies in a collaborative process, pooling together extensive knowledge. With sensitivity to the calling of the project, our design proposals set out to challenge conventions about use and human behaviour. We steer clear of stylistic leanings and evolve a unique vocabulary for each Architectural work. Staying centred, we are outside the circle. Shonan Purie Trehan is the founder and principal of L.A.B. She holds academic degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in USA and from the Bartlett School of Built Environment, UK. She went on to work on various institutional and cultural projects at Eisenmen Architects in New York City, Le Groupe Arcop, Montreal and Arcop Associates, New Delhi.
LIJO.RENY.architects Founded in the year 2005, LIJO.RENY.architects is a multiple award winning design studio based in Thrissur, Kerala. The works that come out from their small studio has been instrumental in influencing the way architecture is practiced and viewed in the state. Apart from their consistent experimentation with architecture they are also responsible for several site/space specific art installations. It’s their love for art that keeps them inspired and charged to introduce interesting contemporary sensibilities in the architecture they practice. The several important awards, including the ‘All India Stone Architectural Awards’, JK State Young Architect of the Year Award’ and several IIA State awards to their credit are recognition to their relentless efforts in their field.
A multidisciplinary design firm based in Bangalore, India, with focus on architecture and interiors. we attempt to root our design conceptually within the natural and cultural context, at the same time remain connected to the abstract. founded by ceejo cyriac in 2002,little river architects has a diligent team of experienced architects and consultants. we have successfully completed projects of diverse nature and scale across India.
NS Architects LTD are Design and Manage architects based in the North West. We aim to deliver outstanding architecture from inception to completion. Our project experience ranges across a wide range of sectors covering Residential, Health, Education, Mixed Use & Commercial. We like to see a project through from inception to completion and are happy to carry a FULL design and administration service offering the client best value under competitive tender.Should our client prefer a reduced Design and Build service then we are happy to accommodate this. We also have the experience within the office to work on large PFI projects upto 28 million. NSA have a full understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and have the ability within the office to offer Integrated Project Delivery. We understand the importance of BIM and aim to utilise its potential should this be required on any private or public sector driven project.
MAIA Design MAIA Design was founded by Shruti Jaipuria in early 2011. At MAIA we believe in creating spaces that tell a story, serve a function and offer an experience. We draw inspiration from the world around us, constantly questioning what we see and how it can be applied to the world of contemporary design. Nature, spirituality, mathematics, geometry, materials, texture, colour all provide us with an endless source of inspiration. We start by questioning the function of spaces, understanding its context, and our client’s vision. The process of space curation then begins, allowing us to control how spaces unfold into one another, how people interact with the spaces, what visual language the spaces assume, and how the spaces feel. This is controlled experiential design, a process integral to our work at maia. We are also sensitive to the revival of traditional arts and crafts and aspire to practice sustainable design. We aim to push the boundaries of design, and expand the possibilities of what can be done, and what has been done. Our designs are fresh, timeless and continuously evolving.
malikarchitecture We are an award-winning Mumbai-based multidisciplinary design practice with over 37 years of experience. Our practice has from its inception, attempted to develop contemporary design syntax for the sub-continent, by approaching Architecture as a synthesis of 'Ecology' and 'Spirit'. This is achieved through the assembly of a group of highly motivated and evolved specialists in different disciplines. It is about creating lasting relationships that become so deeply intertwined, that the whole ceases to be a sum of disparate parts, and instead becomes a living, breathing organism in itself. Our work draws inspiration from nature, not through its physical forms, but through its principles and processes. We have also tried to resurrect the Indian Artisan, as we as cultivate the use of local materials as a corollary to encouraging sustainability. This is exemplified by our works that incorporate load bearing brick masonry, stone masonry, exposed concrete and most recently, the innovative use of structural steel. Our diverse, dynamic and radical portfolio of works includes- Residential, Commercial, R&D, Healthcare, Hospitality, Educational, Cultural, Institutional as well as Master-planning projects.
We, at Manasaram are committed to fight back climate change by promoting the use of naturally abundant, easily renewable ,low energy , local materials. We have close to 30 years of experience in the field of Sustainable Development. Working with natural materials in itself has been an eye opener and put us on the path back to our roots. Using what is freely available on the site, i.e, Sun, Soil, Air, Water and Space ,and materials that are within our short reach are the determining factors in our designs. Creativity is a mere result of this challenge. Our designs take birth, grow and mature on the site. Through our design, we initiate the building into the ecosystem at micro and macro level. We strive towards making the building a living entity , responding and growing like any other living being ,from dawn to dusk, from spring to summer, from rains to chilly winters ! When this goal is met, even to a small extent, the built structure becomes a thread in the web of all life, one with nature, nature itself!
Gurjit Singh Matharoo founded Matharoo Associates in Ahmedabad, India in 1992. In the short time since our firm’s inception our work has gone on to win both domestic and international critical acclaim. We believe in a clear emphasis of functionality and services, in exercising an extreme restraint whenever designing and using natural exposed materials where sunlight becomes the only embellishment as it varies and changes through the day and across the seasons. Our buildings are designed to be discovered; as one moves through them they unfold around one’s body to reveal their secrets and meanings over time and over spatial layers Our office undertakes design work ranging from architecture, structural design and master-planning to product and automobile design, so despite our dedication to clarity we work in many different ways. We see all design disciplines as one, to remove boundaries and work with a fully combined approach. Interdisciplinary practice has become an important dimension of how we make all our designs.
At the core of this work is the desire to introspect and build a critical architecture that is rooted in its physico-social context, and simultaneously at another level to transcend context towards the abstract-universal. The built/unbuilt object must reveal relationships - between man and nature, between man and man. We believe that the technology used must strive to express the poetic possibilities inherent in the nature of material and its construction. Refined detailing of the concept is thus critical to the expression of it.
Mindspace Mindspace was formed in October, 2004 by Sanjay Mohe, Vasuki Prakash and Suryanarayanan. The design principals have over 30 years of extensive professional practice of working together in various positions. Our work has resulted in several National and International award winning creations. Most of our projects have been consistently featured in several Architectural journals. Sanjay Mohe has been giving lectures in various Architectural schools across the Country. Mindspace is currently lead by Sanjay Mohe, Suryanarayanan and Medappa. Amit Swain and Swetha A are the Associate Partners. The firm has 21 Architects, 3 Engineers and 9 Administrative staff. Thefirm has extensive experience in handling Residential, Institutional Research labs and IT projects.
Our work at Mistry's over the last 30 years has not been characterized by large architectural programmes only. It is the sheer diversity of the projects that make for an interesting practice. It ranges from residential, corporate, conservation and re-architecture to socially relevant works. With a focus on the use of natural material and open designs, integrating the external landscape with the inside, our mantra has always been 'reduce, reuse and recycle'. Besides architecture we take pride in the way we run our practice. It is transparent and democratic. We make sure that the exposure to our people encompasses the entire range of professional practice. We are proud to be a high-five team!!
"Modo Designs' is an architecture firm set up in the year 2002 in Ahmedabad, India and involved in residential, institutional and corporate projects. The firm derives its name from a latin word 'MODO' which means 'of its time'. In this sense, architectural designs are approached as progressive and appropriate. For us, design is a participatory and an exploratory process, a process of research, exploration and refinement. It involves initial spontaneous response in a design, coupled by open ended explorations. Designs are developed as responsive, that are characteristic of the purpose, place and people. Our architecture plays up on specificness and local nuances. Inspirations and peculiarities are gathered from place or people and given expression. It is about making an effort to understand and reveal the reality of things through a poetic expression. An essential concern has been to develop architectural environment that are of qualitative character. Also integrated planning and thinking out of the box are a crucial emphasis. The firm's vision is to develop a sensible, imaginative and innovative architecture in India with an emphasis on construction finesse
With the collective professional experience that encompasses a wide array of design types including Residential , Commercial, Institutional and Educational facilities by Riyaz Quraishi and Simeen Quraishi , the designer couple , have completed more than a couple of hundred projects. Currently have on-going projects all over the Country . Our international projects are mostly luxury homes .We have won many awards and our projects have been widely published in some of the best magazines. We are the Winner of the first Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture and Design.
At Morph we are a team of architects and designers working holistically on design and execution. Our focus is on creating timeless, classic spaces paying close attention to evolving our work with our clients needs. We have three main areas in our practice, interior design, furniture and window dressing. Morph works sustainably with the best materials and craftsman to deliver our signature eclectic style locally from our workshop in Bangalore. Combining a talent for design with a sharp mind, Ms. Anjum Jung and her team of designers, are drawn to a contemporary style combining the best of old and new with a meticulous eye for detail, color and texture, creating comfortable, distinctive designs ranging from fresh and simple, to smart and stylish.
Murali architects, one of the innovative design practices in Tamil Nadu, offers services in Architecture and Interior design. An excellent team of Architects, Interior Designers, Civil engineers headed by the chief architect M.Murali, M.Arch., (Mc Gill –Canada) creates innovative and inspiring residential,commercial,institutional and hospital projects. Our projects are unique and possess qualitative architecture as an outcome of commitment to our core value of design excellence and are dedicated to research & development. We are proud of our reputation for quality design and efficient project management giving succesful design solutions. From the scribble for design to contract administration, we work tirelessly for a succesful and satisfactory outcome to you, our clients.
The firm comprises a team of seventeen architects and support staff and is credited with about eighty completed and sixty ongoing projects which include clubs, apartments, offices, interiors, colleges, housing development and residences. Ochre is associated with some of the leading developers in the country such as Brigade Group, Divyasree, Mantri, ND Developers, Oceanus and Navaz group. The Brigade Woodrose Club which was awarded the best recreational space in India at the A+D Spectrum awards 2006 was a project awarded to him after winning a competition for young architects (under ten years of experience) organized by the Brigade group in 2002. More recently, he was chosen as the winning entrant in a closed competition for designing a multi-facility building at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. His work has also been featured in some of the leading national architectural magazines and newspapers such as Indian Architect & Builder, Better Interiors, Architecture + Design, Inside Outside, the Hindu and Mid-day.
OPOLIS is a multidisciplinary design practice, started by Rahul Gore and Sonal Sancheti in January 2001. The firm prides itself in having stayed away from a signature style but believes that most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest. -OPOLIS is a young firm of qualified, committed and sensitive professionals offering innovative design solutions. They do a wide range of architectural, interior and urban projects and have offices in Mumbai and Pune. -OPOLIS has won several awards in the Young Architects category of the IIA Awards and the IIID Awards for the past years. They have recently won the “A+D Young Enthused Architect Award” in addition to the IIA, JK Cement and Archidesign Awards. Their work has been widely published in leading national and international Architectural and Interior magazines. The recent excitement at Opolis has been in winning the Bihar Museum Competition with Maki and Associates, Japan.
P&D Associates, Bharuch, was founded in 2009 by Pratik Siddhpura and Devang Patel, who along with Shruti Siddhpura, are its principal designers. Since its establishment, P&D Associates has grown to be one of the premiere Interior design as well as Civil and Architectural planning firms in the city of Bharuch. Partik Siddhpura & Shruti Siddhpura holds a Bachelors degree in Interior design from NIFD, Baroda and Devang Patel holds a Diploma in Interior design from NIFD, Baroda. Prior to setting up P&D Associates, all three were senior designers at a leading Interior design and Architectural consultancy firm in Baroda, with a total of 9 years experience between them. The firm believes in creating contemporary spaces that are functional and reflective of their client's lifestyle. They lay a lot of emphasis on two key words- Simplicity and Elegance and draw inspiration from them in all their work.
Planet 3 Studios, a young, internationally award winning practice represents the vanguard of future-forward design in India. The essence of our way is to address the fundamentals through intense programming, offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom, keep it fresh and never lose the visual appeal. The focus is always on the context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project presents. We like to create designs that maximise the positive impact of design on the environment, use appropriate technologies & materials and source labour locally. Founded and led by Kalhan Mattoo and Santha Gour Mattoo, the studio has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice with a rapidly growing eclectic portfolio of projects comprising institutional buildings, mixed use developments, high rise buildings, adaptive-reuse projects, housing complexes, colleges, schools, training centers, business process outsourcing facilities, corporate offices, banks, malls, retail outlets, resorts, spas, hotels, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, furniture and even industrial products.
"Experiential design is what is integral to the process at Play. It is about sensing space with the help of light, texture, color and culture. Also through a juxtaposition of surprise elements that elevate the space to a fascinating complexity. The process is iterative and mainly driven by the context, both geographical and cultural and the client’s vision, yet with several parallel explorations so that a rationale can be developed and the final product has a clarity. The objective is to create spaces that have an inherent honesty, that tell a story and interact, continually evolving along with the people that inhabit them.
An interior and architectural firm, we've been operating from Bangalore since 1998. We believe in offering our clients a combination of imaginative design, expertise and intense involvement. The firm's reputation is based on providing the highest quality of professional services to every client. We strive to produce work that is creative, practical and economical, while keeping in mind the social, economical and aesthetic issues relevant to each project. Our combined skills in Interior and Architectural design, together with our resources in engineering services enable us to ensure that high-quality, functional solutions are delivered on time and within budget. We see architecture and interior design as overlapping and symbiotic areas of activity and continue to maintain the delicate balance of innovation and professionalism that is our hallmark.
prism architects strives to develop innovative design , solutions which respond to client’s objectives, needs and budgets. Rainbows can be created with a source of white light passing through a PRISM. We believe the ray of white light is the social, technical, environmental and economic requirements of a project with a concern about land, material and energy usage.
Puran Kumar established his design studio in Mumbai in 1993, after working for a few years on a diverse range of corporate projects. An advocate of uncomplicated design expressions, he supports and practices the use of natural building materials that lend an everlasting appeal to any design.
We are a team of architects and designers specializing in architectural, interior and furniture design. Being primarily design based we value the process as much as the product. We do not claim allegiance to any specific design, style or school of thought. For us each project is a new beginning. Each PWA project provides a new beginning and is the result of an in-depth and meticulous design process. The approach we take on every job is considered a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to transform the architectural design into a transcending reality. Our ambition is simple; to develop the most efficient and dynamic buildings and modern home design, be it residential, commercial or recreational including restaurants, villas, spas, resorts and hotels. We listen to our client at the start of the process, understanding their needs and aspirations on house design, but not limiting ourselves to the brief. Instead, we aim to produce design-led solutions which are tailor made to visualize their context which were unable to be expressed in mere words. We offer a full range of comprehensive consultancy services provided by a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary group of designers. Our services include project evaluation, total design services, solutions and project administration. With various features and sizes to choose from, our tailor made modern house plans will cater to your own individual tastes. We pay attention to detail which ensures the company policy is in play by finalizing each project as per the allocated time and budget. For us, architecture is a journey rather than a conceptual exercise.
Raja Watwe Associates has been in the field of Architecture and Interiors over 35 years. It was established in 1980 under the name of “TRIJYA” in Mumbai. It spread it’s wings to Bangalore in 1986 and got it’s new name “RAJA WATWE ASSOCIATES”. With a team of highly motivated design professionals, Raja Watwe Associates creates versatile body of work ranging from Architecture and Interiors of Residences, Corporate Offices, Factories, Convention Halls and Commercial Complexes to Retail Showrooms and Hospitality spaces with excellence win Jewellery Showrooms. Out distinctive style and perfect design is a blend of innovative concepts, contemporary design sensibility, traditional and global trends. We place a strong emphasis on excellent design and optimal utilization of co-ordinated spaces in our projects. The Team’s involvement and dedication percolates into the projects. Our enthusiastic teams coupled with the experience talent and creativity consists of senior and junior Architects, Civil engineers and diploma Engineers and Interior Designers.
It took me close to 10 years to unlearn the design process as gathered in architecture school. The design process is actually closer to the one experienced by an artist while creating a work of art. Of course, the site, context, materials and use do play a role in defining the actual design moves but to my mind these are incidental. These get absorbed and internalized to aid the design process unselfconsciously. Architecture is an embodiment of a way of life and the values that determine its path. A successful work of architectural design has SIMPLICITY & CLARITY with crystallization of design thought and moves to a degree that the design is simple, almost austere. The construction techniques and materials are used to explore all their intrinsic qualities like strength, density, and texture in their bare HONESTY form. They should explore all facets of the material to do JUSTICE to it. A constantly changing experience jogs the mind constantly and it continues to absorb and react to the built environment making it PLAYFUL. Constant play between two contrasts like changing views, light and shadow, change in axis, smooth and rough texture, hard and soft landscape. Each on e enhances the opposite by contrast in close proximity. There is always a duality at play two opposite materials, two colours, two spaces, two geometries and two textures. Eventually the built environment consists of SPACES, which are sensed through a play of LIGHT. These are the both, the tools as well as the end products in architecture.
Architect, Ramu Katakam has been practicing his craft in India since 1977. Initially based in Delhi, he moved to Bangalore in 1997. His work is diverse, including hotels, libraries, schools and religious buildings that have been constructed all over India. From a housing project in Bhuj, in the western deserts of the country, to a hotel in Kohima in the eastern-most part. A golf club in Srinagar, Kashmir way up north and the house that was built in Kottayam, Kerala deep down south. Involvement in the restoration of historic buildings and working with sustainable technology is also an important part of what they do at Ramu Katakam Architecture. Among Ramu's other interesting projects have been the creation of a sculpture gallery in the heart of a Delhi village and being part of the founding team that started the TVB school of Habitat Studies, where he taught for four years. He was also instrumental in helping the design and set up of Dilli Haat - a crafts bazaar in Delhi that allows craftspeople to sell directly to their customer. Educated in Delhi and Cambridge universities, he was elected a member of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) in 1974 and the IIA (Indian Institute of Architects) in 1977.
Red Architecture’s “innovative black barn” has been awarded the ADNZ's (Architectural Designers New Zealand) 2014 Supreme National Design Award for its “subtle, economical and clever design.” Located in the beautiful rural landscape of Whatawhata in the Waikato, the project houses a private residence and garage within two “crisp barn-like forms” clad in vertical run steel and recycled bricks taken from the devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquakes. In addition to the Supreme Award winner, eight designs from across the country were presented Resene Architectural Design Awards at the ceremony. View a glimpse of each awarded project, after the break.
Research Design Office is an international collective of designers based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Milwaukee (USA). We have a wide range of experiences in Architecture, Interiors, Landscape and Furniture Design. Our work varies in scale from mega to micro. We explore ideas and create solutions for today; the modern condition. We believe in design that meets the specific needs of each unique project. Our work is thoughtful, well crafted, innovative, and beautiful.
Our consultancy services include brief writing, procurement, feasibility studies, contract evaluation and design and detail documentation. Each project is allocated to a dedicated team which is lead by Rita Mody and, when appropriate, draw upon the allied professions to complement our own expertise and so create specialist teams with precisely the correct mix of skills and personalities. Our Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services include pre planning of site, site set up, co-ordination with consultants (such as get the drawings done from them, get corrected drawings from them and arrange their site visits and obtain certificates), making bar charts, finalisation of amenities and specification with client, quantity analysis and estimation, appointment of contractors (such as work agreement between client and them, co-ordination with contractors, get the work done from them, approve their bills), appointment of site staff (such as for technical supervision only, get the work done from them, get daily reports done from them), technical supervision (such as supervision for quality of work, supervision for schedule of work as per bar chart, safety precautions on site, labour facility and their insurance), submission of reports of work, finalisation of material suppliers (such as finalising material with them, enter into rate contract with them, making purchase order to finalised vendor, approve their invoices and submit them to clients office), possession (such as handing over possession of building after completing building in all respect, handing over of all data of the project like drawings, work orders, rate contracts, certificates, reports, etc).
We set up shop in Bangalore back in 2005 and since then have been delighting clients across India with hundreds of successfully executed projects – in a variety of industries, across every possible scale. We bring almost a decade of experience in design and technical excellence in execution to every project – big and small. Through it all, we never lose sight of our core focus on quality and professionalism. At the same time, we realize that every project is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and evaluate every job on its own merits. Luckily, we’re backed by a team of enthusiastic youngsters (our average age is 28) that love nothing better than a challenge and delivering on time, and above expectations every time. Our drive to create innovative solutions, tempered by experience gained by our long and successful stint in the industry, is what sets us apart from our competitors. And brings smiles to the faces of our customers, every time.
Architectural , Interior and Landscape Design Studio Established in 1997. Our efforts are always to create something unique and iconic . We specialize in designing luxurious houses with simple elegance. A touch of our design is that it always stands out from standard houses built around. Focused on modern design we take pride in never repeating any of our design. Giving the owners a sense of pride and at the same time a space which can make living in it a experience of unique kind !!! We also make an effort to plan greens around the house in such a way that it almost becoming part of the indoors , because we believe that living without greens is dead experience however great the house is. Completed more then 100 projects of wide variety in last 19 years.
SANCTUARY was founded in Bangalore in August 2003 by Principal architect, Anshul Chodha, with the primary offerings of architecture and spatial design services. Since then, Sanctuary has cobbled up diverse clientele spanning across multiple sectors both India and abroad. Ranging from Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Spas, Salons and Offices, to very intimate as well as lavish Homes With sensitivity to surroundings, Sanctuary aims to create meaningful spaces that enhances productivity, and increases efficiency. Sanctuary’s Philosophy stems from Minimalism at the root level, which is a concept that transcends the frontiers of trend or fashion. It is a philosophy that stems from the Japanese Wabi Sabi’s aesthetic of voluntary poverty, and the spirituality of Zen philosophy, which propagated possession of only the essential, moving away from material eagerness. In essense, Sanctuary likes blending Minimalism with Asian Tropical architecture and materials.
As a general design philosophy, we pretty much believe that function is of utmost importance. Form follows, but not too far behind. We like to dabble/fiddle/play around with that form. Whether it be textures, materials, lighting. This is due to our perception, that design is a field where the visual is as important as the tactile
Shernavaz Interiors is a Bangalore based team of professional interior designer with over 30 years of experience in delivering world class projects. The firm is led by Shernavaz Bharucha who specializes in creating state of the art residences, commercial and hospitality projects in south India. The organization holds a vision of delivering premier designs in a professional and timely manner without compromising on quality and client comfort. The firm has designed projects for tasteful, high end and well known client base all over South India in the past and continues to make timeless masterpieces. Shernavaz Bharucha and her team’s work has been acknowledged and featured in several publications including “Living in India” and “50 Beautiful Houses in India”.
shroffleon Founder- Kayzad R shroff & Maria IJ Leon 2010 SHROFFLEóN is a full service award-winning design firm offering comprehensive architectural, planning and consultancy services to civic, municipal, institutional and private clients. A young and dynamic creative studio with a burgeoning reputation as a professional organization known for its innovative solutions, the practice thrives on the energy, enthusiasm and fresh thinking of a team of young architects who work closely with experienced senior mentors. Our projects benefit, in no small measure, from our association and collaboration with experienced structural, lighting, mechanical and landscape consultants that work towards creating a holistic project. Our methodology is characterised by a deep inquiry and an intellectual collaborative exchange: the design work being informed by intensive research and an experimental approach. SHROFFLEóN continually strives to invent and innovative, environmentally responsible design solutions whilst creating spaces that establish healthy connections; fluid exchanges between inhabitants and their environments. We tend to view even the most demanding and complex client needs as opportunities to create truly innovative architectural solutions -solutions that are intended to meet and habitually surpass client expectations. The strength of our studio lies in inspired conceptual thinking, backed by the demonstrated experience, skills and technical expertise to competently translate abstract ideas into reality. Our projects span across scales - from large scale urban proposals to small, residential projects, architecture installations or artefacts, with each project geared towards maximizing inherent latent potential, performance and value through fine tuned work methodologies. Rooted within a singular concept, each project starts with a careful analysis of the site and the brief. The project develops in conjunction with the client; through an identification of the constraints, objectives, potentials and most importantly, the budget. The work of SHROFFLEóN, incepted in 2008 in Ithaca, New York by Kayzad Shroff and Maria I J Leon , has been widely published in leading national and international Architecture, Design and Interior websites, blogs and magazines.
An international award winning architectural firm, established with a vision of creating sensible, functional spaces enhanced by the intangible sense of emotion, power and playfulness. This results in architecture that can be extraordinarily responding to the unique needs throughout the design process, is just as much an architect's mission as shaping aesthetically inspired built environment through communication. Our work is known for its design quality, imagination and originality. Each project offers an opportunity to pursue new solutions to complex building problems. Our motto is to design, detail and enjoy working in responsive to our client's need in very honest, efficient and professional manner. We believe that our works follow a unique style based on our ideology and perspective towards the design requirement. Highly committed in use of computer technology, we offer full scope of design, planning and project management services with our young motivated team.We firmly believe that good design maximizes the value of your investment in the project. Over the years, we have had considerable experience in putting together surprisingly affordable interior.
Space Studio A boutique Architectural and interior design studio based in Chennai with branch offices in Coimbatore, Salem, Madurai, Associate offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Tanjore, and International associates in Australia. We enjoy creating signature lifestyle spaces that are unique, exquisite and reflect our obsession for perfection. We are an enthusiastic team of Creative, Intelligent, well qualified and Inspired professionals who believe in designing well balanced utilitarian spaces artfully conceptualized to create both a sense of usability and an appreciation of space for the user. We are inspired by great design , we are moved by great design , we enjoy great design and we simply love to let our love for design show in our work. The team: Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers Qualified Draftsmen, Engineers, 3D Visualizers, Skilled Carpenters and other support staff. Key Focus ▰ Designs that stimulates, thrills and excites the designer , the owner and the onlooker. ▰ Clients who love to stay in touch even after the project is completed. ▰ Team that thoroughly enjoys designing and is happy and focused. Founder Sashirekha 2009
We have a flamenco kind of approach and Ping-Pong kind of pace. Shared experiences over the years make every project we take on enjoyable. Our approach is very chaotic upfront. Our team is intrinsically involved from the get-go; several ideas are put on the table and worked through laterally. Essentially, our expression is based on the concerns we develop while understanding what the task is at hand. These concerns are then translated into a physical tangible buildable construct using our own personal intuitive logic – rational decisions based on relevance, appropriateness, technology, budgets, craftsmanship, locale, the list is too long… SPASM is not interested in being avant-garde. Like Marcel Proust said, “To see new landscapes you don’t need to always journey, but have new eyes.” We try to be very human in our approach and not too fussy in our details. We do try to bring a poetic touch to our expression but never at the cost of appropriateness. An eastern kind of “inclusivity” is sought; every aspect of building, occupation and future ageing of projects is mulled over – many, many, many times over. Every commission is an opportunity to discover ourselves, through what we propose and build.
Stapati was established in the year 1989 by Ar. Tony Joseph. Within a short span of time it has emerged as one of the leading architectural consultancy firms in the state with offices in Calicut, Cochin and Bangalore with an associate office in Dubai. The firm is known for its creative design solutions and attention to detail. Our designs are noted for the use of traditional elements in modern context. With a team of talented design professionals, we provide total service from concept to completion. The firm now handles various projects across the country, which include Hotels and Resorts, Residential and Commercial developments, Educational Institutions, Industrial structures, etc. Presently the firm has transformed into four partnership firms as Stapati Calicut, Stapati Kochi, Stapati Bangalore and Stapati International Management service (SIMS).
Through our design practice, we aim to promote ecological living, environmental awareness and sustainable use of natural and renewable resources. Social Vision We partner with Himalayan region based craftspersons and informal sector workers to provide much needed income generation oppurtunities and help develop their entrepreneurial competencies. Our relationships with our producers involves sharing inputs in design, skills, infrastructure info, financial and business management literacy. Alaya follows a for-profit market led approach while ensuring adequate returns to the producers.
STUDIO FIVE ARCHITECTS was founded in January 2003. We are a young, creative, team that likes to play with space; an exclusive design shop with emphasis on cutting edge, contemporary, creative, and original design. The underlying theme of the practice has been to combine the disciplines of Landscape, Interior Design and Architectural Design. Our designs respond to climate and place, and strive for simplicity and integrity. Our spaces weave tranquility and calmness qualified by light, space and volumes. Liberated from stylistic notions and visual representation, the abstracted language of modern architecture is built on archetypal elements of volume, light and surface. This language of planes and volumes and their composition in space provide for a free definition and control of space. While it ensures ‘new’ formal possibilities to re-interpret and transform the demands of programmes, this language of building ensures that we are able to bring essential qualities such as light and air that liberate the space.
We are a multi-disciplinary design practice with a diverse portfolio of work ranging from retail, hospitality, offices to residential interiors. We take a contextual approach to our work, exploring suitable materials with innovation and enjoying the dynamics of working with clients, design and technical professionals to create a relevant spatial experience. Our strength lies in translating a design concept to a detailed physical form through various explorations of layouts, materials, textures, prototypes and lighting ideas with emphasis on practicality and functionality. Simplicity is the key to our work. Studio Incept was founded in 2010 by Nidhi Aggarwal who is a graduate from Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad and has over 10 years of work experience primarily at Studio Lotus.
studio Momo
Studio Momo is an Architectural and Interior Design firm specialising in luxury villas and the restoration of Indo-Portuguese houses of Goa. The practice is based in Goa and is run by Gurmeet Akali and Benjamin Robb, both architects who studied and practiced in Oxford before moving to Goa. Benjamin Robb and Gurmeet Akali form a unique partnership of Architecture and Interior design to create elegant and contemporary living spaces. Studio Momo is environmentally sensitive in its approach and put their passion into creating eco-friendly Architecture and interior/exterior finishes. Designing and creating built form that has a direct relationship to its context both physically and culturally. The combination of their formidable skills of architecture, interior and environmental design combine to create a style that is unique and their own.
Studio Motley
STUDIO MOTLEY is a multi-disciplinary design studio with project experience ranging from large scale master plans to architecture and interior design. The two partners, Kajal Gupta and Anand R . Kurudi have bachelor’s degrees from Bangalore University and a master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and Savannah College of Art and Design, USA respectively .Together the team brings in the right blend of international experience and local expertise in design. STUDIO MOTLEY is an architecture/ planning practice dedicated to pursuing excellence & integrity in design and service. We bring a high level of commitment and ambition to all our projects and work closely with stakeholders, to create environments that are valued by and are meaningful to the users. Our mission is to design buildings/ townships that enhance both the built and the natural environment. Teamwork forms the core of our firm’s philosophy, combining the professional skills of our firm’s personnel with job specific consultants to create focused and effective project teams.
A team leader, three assistant architects, an in-house project manager and a draughtsman. We are a small design studio, by choice. Taking on selective projects each year, our work is diverse, ranging from a 600sqft store, to a 19,000sqft school building. We take into consideration all the little details, from lighting design and furniture design, to curating and commissioning artwork for the project. We even collaborate with design professionals, working closely with them to create the identity and personality of the project. Every project has a different process and methodology, as most of the furniture/objects/fixtures are custom-made individually. Our services include architectural/interior design, mechanical/electrical/plumbing(MEP) design, lighting design, furniture and fixture design.
Studio Osmosis is a multidisciplinary design practice formed by Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally in 2010. It was formed with the purpose of transforming lifestyles by sensitively working with the client through the medium of design and dialogue. Absorbing the individual needs of the client, working cohesively on the design and collaboratively arriving at a solution which is not only creative but also tangible and sustainable. All designs at the studio are based on research and experimentation, with adaptability as the key factor. The focus is always on the site, context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project presents. We like to create projects that maximize the positive impact of design on the environment, using appropriate technologies & materials. Both Sameer and Shilpa have been felicitated as the next generation architects in the IGen Top50 2013. They have also both been awarded the Young Achiever 2013 by the MACCIA (Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce). Studio Osmosis projects have been published by various national magazines covering their commercial, hospitality and residential projects in the past years. Sameer Balvally was also selected as Indias HOT 100 Most Influential people in the industry by Commercial Design Magazine 2014. Studio Osmosis has a contemporary and flexible approach towards design and technology with no set style. They derive inspiration from various walks of life - art, culture, history and the personalities involved.
Studio TAB ​​is a design firm engaged in Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design. Founded by team of young architects, who were driven by the motivation to create a positive change in the built environment and change the common perception of design amongst people, got together to form studio TAB. With its foundation in the principles of sustainability and humane habitat, studio TAB aspires to break away from the stereotypical contemporary designs to create customized solutions which are of superior functional qualities with a dash of innovative creative design. studio TAB is a youthful approach to design that relies on creativity and innovation in thought. We practice design as a highly responsive and creative medium, which responds to site, human and nature and combines art with intelligence. The focus is on the use of latest technological trends, appropriate materials and sustainable design strategies. Each of our projects is combination of imaginative, aesthetic design and intense involvement.​​​​​​
Since we set up shop in 2004, At Studio A our expertise is to provide end to end design services, from inception stage to conceptualizing the look book leading to the completion. Our design skill set includes interior design and landscape design services too. Architecture & design are not individual tasks, they are a result of a complex team effort & the energy lies within the continuance of this process. We aim to address the specific features and potential of a particular situation, embracing them into the project while responding to the requirements of the program. We abide by the simple rules of design without any preconceptions of style. Studio A is a committed endeavour to make sense architecturally to test our Modernist skills from an environmental approach. We value a well-defined brief with limits & restrictions as it provides a real test for our abilities as architects & designers. At Studio A & Sonali Lohia Design, we are guided by a passion for great design, inspired by excellence and committed to exceptional service. These values are at the core of our design firm, allowing us to develop long-standing and synergistic relationships with clients. We believe each project is unique and deserving of its own signature. To that end, our goal is to create distinctive design for each client through a personalized approach to ensure an exceptional result. Our steps are strategic - establish a practical design vision, then create customized layers using textures, patterns, finishes, furniture, artwork and accessories. This approach allows us to develop unique projects that respect architecture and culture, while remaining true to the conceptual vision. In sum, inimitable design.”
SPA is dedicated to environment friendly sustainable architecture and to bring client's dreams and aspirations into reality. Since the inception of the firm in the year 1994 SPA has developed into one of the innovative and respected firm. SPA has completed numerous versatile projects which includes Public Buildings, Hospitality, Townships, Commercial Complexes, Institutional Blocks, Villas, Interior designing etc. SPA is also known for its innovative use of materials and has been pioneer in introducing new materials. Care for the nature, people and the society as a whole is one of our prime value which is demonstrated in all our projects and our lifestyles. Our creative designs are complemented by our prompt and quality project management. We approach our designs from different perspectives which enable us to innovate, make optimal use of the space by blending together two core necessities of a world class designs; creativity and modern technology.
At Tao Architecture “The Way” essentially reflects a new-age vision that is dynamic and sincere in its application of Knowledge… diving into the depths of a subject, discovering and sharing its beauty… finding inspiration in forms, spaces, relations, tangibles and intangibles… searching for hidden resources within and without while celebrating Nature in every nuance…respecting people, practices, science, services and above all, the cradle called environment that nurtures us.
Team Design Architects was established in 1999 with a small office in Lower Parel East, Mumbai. Over the years, it has grown both in the range and scale of projects it is actively involved in.The company has accumulated extensive experience in planning, designing and executing large architectural and interior projects. Architectural projects include office buildings, institutional campuses, hostel facilities, bungalows and more, while interior projects include commercial, residential and retail developments.
The Ashleys was conceived in 2004, when two sharply talented individuals, Arbaysis and Pooja each associated with reputed firms, came together and founded a design house that would deliver international quality and design value. They stand for a refined sense of detailing and elite customization that defines the marked edge that design can bring to a product, space, structure or even detail. Their style embodies a natural penchant for timeless chic, punctuated with cutting-edge design. Strong visualization and optimum standards of space planning ensures individuality. Global standards anoint our work with a truly international look and feel.
the purple ink studio is an award winning young architectural practice which believes in constantly exploring the parameters of design and blurring the boundaries between architecture, landscape and sustainability. The studio works closely on each program and situates its projects within a wider research context. We believe in an integrated approach, which is complex, generative and moves beyond the digital techniques. We are constantly engaging in the practices of ‘Regenerative Architecture’ that focuses on conservation and performance through a focused reduction on the environmental impacts of a built structure. The Studio is working on experiments which are based in the present day scenario (as prototypes) which when multiplied, would breed into a series of ‘Eco-cities’, set in the future. These experiments focus on the ‘Kilometer Zero’ concept, which strives to generate locally everything that is necessary for our living.” The underlying focus is to integrate the ideas of our architectural theories using a series of integrated/hybrid techniques to develop a new breed of regenerative architecture.
Our design practice is to be an evolving process, which grows organically and adapts to each task with complete flexibility. The overall resultant continuum is a "Project" in itself; as the studio is not to be static or set in any particular form. "Vrindavan" is a reference to the Divine abode; a place of His youth and creative field of action; therefore… "The Vrindavan Project"
The White room studio is built on the basic principles of exploring the bare beauty of materials. Here the focus has always been on exploring innovative ways of approaching fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials. The way in which a wall meets a floor, or how a door fits into a wall, flush or proud, are not mere details, they are as much architecture as the planning of a sequence of rooms in a gallery, or the composition of a facade. We consider architecture, of all the arts, as the one that most depends for its expressive power on rubbing up against the gritty constraints of every day life.
Conventionally, a designer designs a building keeping in mind, the end use and the client’s requirement. In this process, what is left out of perspective is the relation the structure has with its environment. The question that we began with is: how do we make the buildings we craft to be in sync with the nature? The answer lied in embracing the fact that we don’t view the design as just an architectural design, but create a building that maximizes the use of sustainable resources. Further, our endeavors began to focus on crafting buildings that respond to the uniqueness of its location. This new focus on ‘location, location’ embraces climate responsive design by starting with a deep understanding of the physical location’s environmental data—sun, wind, light and rainfall—which then drive architectural design. Tropic Responses has succeeded in providing sustainable and responsive design solutions majorly for Residential Projects and is now diversifying the same into other building sectors like Commercial Spaces, Healthcare Facilities, Institutions, Hospitality and etc.
Urban Studio is a multi disciplinary firm with a boutique vibe and we enjoy a 360 degree approach right from masterplanning to the smallest product details. We want to build something that can stay relevant in the perspective of time. Our work in India operates within the cultural context of the country and yet suggests that each project is a product of cultural mutation and reinvention. We try and maintain the spirit of each location , desire of people and attempt to integrate the real, imaginary and the symbolic with ease. Our work questions the political and ethical responsibility of the contemporary Indian designer and is concerned with its public consequences.
Architect Deepak Guggari graduated from College of Architecture, Kolhapur in 1998. Upon graduation Deepak Guggari started working with renowned Architect Christopher Charles Benninger (CCBA) in Pune, India. After an association of 6 yrs with CCBA, Deepak Guggari established an independent practice in Pune along with his wife Varsha Guggari who gained her experience in landscape architecture. Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associates (VDGA) was established in 2004 in Pune. Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associates (VDGA) is a leading Architectural, Interior and Landscape Design studio based in Pune. The Studio has a range of ongoing projects, which includes hospitality (hotels & resorts), institutional, residential, corporate interiors & redevelopment projects.
VPA architects was found in 1994, by Ar. Vipul Patel. The firm has successfully worked on and completed over 200 projects since its commencement. The projects vary from individual residences, commercial complexes, apartment schemes, exhibition spaces, corporate offices, and retail spaces to institutional buildings. The firm undertakes architectural and interior designing projects, having a team of commendable architects, designers and draftsmen. We, at VPA, believe that "architecture has nothing to do with how a building looks like, but more to do with the functional spaces" and our projects are a strong reflection of the same. Our designs are an amalgamation of contemporary straight line work, functional comfort, client's satisfaction and requirements along with creativity. We affirmatively focus more on practicality in our projects followed by aesthetics. Our projects and designs echo this firm dictum of the company. Moreover, we place our client's satisfaction and requirements as our upmost goal. We are aware of the dreams our clients approach us with, and we do our best to make that a reality.
Vivek has his architectural practice based out of Bangalore and is keen on establishing an affiliation with the latest Trends in design and the changing face of design in Indian Metros. The practice consciously strives to induct a process ruled by geometric strategies and material compositions that result in a subversion of the conventional mode of perceiving a structure or space. VSDP has tied up with a Vienna based architectural practice to collaborate on design projects in Europe and India. The projects are currently being designed by the office demand a high level of design ingenuity and resolution. This is achieved by the skilled team of young architects who are trained to adopt the latest in software technology for preparing high quality presentations and technical drawings. Vivek has been a member of the visiting faculty at leading architecture schools in South India. In 2011 VSDP has started a Design Research division where the projects executed by the practice are published as a critical reflection so as to use it as a tool for intensifying the design innovations and technical considerations in its new projects.
Founded in 2011 by Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh, ‘WE’ is a multi-disciplinary award-winning design studio that works in the realms of architecture, interior and product design. ‘WE’ adopts a philosophical method of enquiry into design and investigates the relationship between built form and space through a lateral and rigorous thought process. Working within the constraints of indigenous construction technology, the studio explores the underlying value of spatial principles in each of its projects; space is the protagonist. With an abiding interest in austerity and simplicity, the studio focusses its research on the fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials. The studio believes that there lies an inherent sensuality in designing and building with restraint, order and control. This is what WE strives to achieve; an architecture defined by the rightness of what is and the richness with which this is experienced.
We, at Wright Inspires believe in creating spaces that can blend aesthetics and functionality with deep rootedness to nature.The works try to emphasize the use of natural elements like light and air, maximizing their presence and use in various forms. The key to the design of spaces lies in understanding the requirements of the client in its true raw sense. This typically involves a series of engagements with a volley of ‘q and a’ sessions about the client’s socio-economic-cultural background/status and a more sequential understanding of basic ‘likes and dislikes’ about materials /spaces.