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Vintage hardware…cabinets, doors and more

 Hardware selection offers a wide range of customizable options to reflect your unique taste making a style statement. Get to know the art of connecting the right dots for an appealing entrance with door hardware. Browse every display to access awe inspiring décor ideas with the cabinet and the furniture that accent décor elegance. The Trio-statement makers create a difference as the most stylish hardware accessories. Incredibly, you can pull ideas from H2H hardware for materials and details.Read More

Discover what you love through H2h Connect  

C-channel stair compliments your hardware choice, adding a rich finish and timeless appeal. Amazingly, super-contemporary safe railings products and stair treads or anything that integrates the exterior with the interior works so well. Entry door sets for a grand welcome and interior door sets to reflect a fusion of style and luxury. A simple and elegant leather-wrapped sand cast door knob can make an outstanding signature piece. Any component can become a style. With an exclusive design and décor web space, H2h, adorn your castle doors with the richest choice at a competitive price.

Where hinges and catches play a symphony..

Get rid of the irritating music created by the cabinet doors. Are the cabinet doors easy and sleek to open? The best combination of hinges and door catches prevent embarrassment. Exceptionally, the right hardware is the key that transforms the windows and shutter hardware offer console benefits with perfect locks and no gaps. Any component can become a style to feel the elegance almost every day. You are just a click away. Surround yourself with exquisite design and style hardware accessories and cherish every detail that brings your vision of life. Let the decorating fads date your home.