Enticing latest flooring fads of 2017

Catch up with durable, innovative shades and tones

Flooring makes a statement besides catering unique needs and budget. When deciding on new materials for fresh construction or renovation, the choice of flooring can be overwhelming. H2H Connect evades any stress related to shopping or installation of flooring necessities. While your mind negotiates with the price of floor tiles, never miss the wood texture that mimics the warmth of natural wood easy to maintain and durable.Read More

Does every colour of marble tiles add elegance?

Marbles are highly resilient stones and offers to make a great flooring option. Available in a variety of colors evolving from variable composition of minerals is a favorite classic tile choice. However marble tiles exists in multiple finishes from polished to refined ones. Moreover, this classic flooring suits every room. If your décor spark wishes to add a Carpet to the traffic area ,then choose a bright beautiful bold or striped carpet.Undoubtedly, it is a decorative feature, but neutral tones provide marks a niche space blending with the schemes.

Enjoy the richness and visual depth of granites

Each Granite is a masterpiece of nature. while laminate flooring is the newest and hottest trend to hit the flooring industry. Granite dominates a classy place with natural variations indicative of perfection and durability. Besides the modern wood flooring exhibits elegance and the aesthetic appeal warmth, beauty and value of wood are certain. Absolutely, an Eco conscious client look for an ideal solution to reflect spaciousness, variable shades and tones,just as they are in natural wood. With H2H flooring your buying experience is a pleasure, as you select the perfect flooring to meet your unique needs featuring, knowing intricate details and characteristics. Do not miss the latest high floral textures and 3D flooring tiles provide an edge to enjoy the scenic ambience every day. Find your fit