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Whether you need a cosy home or a spacious country house, sojourn through the design galleria of H2h Connect. You find new ideas to create a sustainable splendour. If you have to see it to believe it, you can go on home tours or step inside stylish homes and get ideas and advice for designing your own space. Hey! You can dream of owning a luxurious home right? Read More

100 and more home makeovers – Explore to reap the stylish rewards

What makes the difference? The design or the construction- a huge front porch, designer cabinets, inbuilt oven space and gas cooktop, large island and spacious storeroom, double wooden door, accented with decorative glass, 3D floor designs, elegant hardwood flooring, well-planned storage and utility space. While styles come and go, update appliances and tropical accents to add sophistication. No strings attached. Browse H2h Design ideas for more design inspiration.

Let the patterns and hues fascinate your design spirit

A design gallery opens door to show how designers brighten rooms using bold and soft accents. Lavish homes look wonderful with the right choice of fabric in fusion with patterns and hues. Budget friendly rooms can transform in a flash with colors and fabric that play and unparalleled role in enriching living spaces. No matter what type of homes you own, don’t underestimate value and support of design ideas to create living splendour. Plus! Dare to inspire with great design ideas.