Building materials

What are the new types of cements and concretes?

Building materials provide the advantage of creating a great construction. H2H opens seamless opportunities to transform a house into a home that you love to dwell in. The ever expanding building materials industry has introduced the range of products and novel techniques dealing with structural TMT bar, cement, concrete, and many other minor revisions. H2H brings you the latest construction materials in the New Arrivals to give the customers a buying edge.Read More

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Your building phase achieves an accomplished construction

Your focal points of first phase involve brand structural materials and concrete. Extensively, building material, architectural hardware and decorative hardware are all the essentials that combine to build a strong, durable and safe house. Ready mix concrete saves time and energy and it helps to create a safe space for facilities like Genset, water sumps etc. While you look for building phase solution never miss a chance to read what H2h Architects and civil engineers share about building concerns.

How do you know you use good quality bricks?

What composition make red bricks strong and durable? Get to know the product facts from experts with us. Bricks are the most commonly used construction components. Red bricks are the first choice that offers durability and stability to provide the base for fine finishing. Discover miscellaneous materials, along with the synthetic materials to make living more comfortable. Eventually, your choice makes a difference.Think about scheme in and out of your home

How do your roof, front door and windows interact with the overall shape of your home?

Today a large number of materials like, steel, glass, ceramics, stone, timber, paints and varnishes etc complement to get well-defined facades and exterior finishes. The siding you choose can actually increase the perceived size of your home. Obviously, fencing solutions are linked to a variety of options with hollow blocks; fly ash being the innovation is yet another choice. Visit the H2h Design app section for a refreshing dive into the purpose of visualizing your home design.

Interestingly, each home style with a suggested exterior entices you to investigate more. Plus you enjoy a superb opportunity to point to your computer or tablet and claim, “Hey, It’s my home style!”