When I was looking at purchasing my first official home, I had only one prerequisite—I wanted a spacious backyard. At last my dream became true with a very expensive big yard has been a work in progress. But later I have found that our living space is significantly bare-bones enough that it, and is hard to keep up on. But now I have wondered that when I was get started to simplify our way of living. The more space you have then the more crap you need to acquire. Here my fascination starts with the smaller and smarter home.


Nowadays the tiny house phenomenon is on fire, with many homeowners choosing to downsize to live a life of simplicity. Over time this type of living will not suitable for everyone, there are certain aspects of compact living that are quite desirable.


Nowadays the desire for smart home technology among homeowners is increasing. In our country, it’s estimated that nearly half of homeowners will have smart home technology.
Now, I must say that, I love my home automation system. And i can assure one thing, the smartness in my home doesn’t add to the complexity of living in it. In fact, I feel that it is the only thing that helps to simplify my home. So in my point of view, a small home can only further benefit from smart home technology, if done properly.


There are many ways to make a smart home can assist with the minimalism of tiny home living. Here are just a few examples:

  • ENTERTAINMENT: Most of us are really confused and disgusted with collections of remotes that mess up your limited living space. Don’t worry, now you can replace them all with a single remote that not only manages your television and music system, but can also control the entire home. All of your equipments can be tucked away, out of sight.
  • CLIMATE CONTROL: More narrowed spaces can get really cold and hot, quickly. Thermostats can work in accordance with motorized shades and thus over headed fans to keep the HVAC in check.
  • LIGHTING:sometimes we wish to highlight certain areas of our home, which helps to make the house appear larger, separates the space, and offers less disruption. Now it’s easy that your smart home can be programmed to set lighting at optimized level to use less energy and save some money.
  • SECURITY & REMOTE ACCESS:  security means a lot for even for small as well as big home. With proper security systems, you can keep a virtual eye on your sweet home even without your physical presence. You can enjoy your holidays without any fear by letting cybernetic view.
  • ASTHETICS: last but not the least; aesthetics is a thing which cannot be compromise at any cost.It’s all about to live a minimalistic lifestyle in a home that offers convenience, energy efficiency, sophistication and security.

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